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The Venture Sidecar Project

1999 Yamaha Venture and a Motorvation Formula II sidecar


This is a bracket I made for the right side highway board. You also can see in the picture that I have added a center strut. I also re-engineered the sub frame to bring it up tight to the motorcycle frame, and gained about 1 ½" of ground clearance.

This is a bracket I made for the sidecar step (JC Whitney highway board)


I replaced the original sidecar headlight with one I got at the "Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet". It takes an H4 bulb, and I wired it up through a relay to work with the bike low/high headlight. The air horns were on the left, I have now moved them to the center of the rig. I installed a horn button, power outlet, and intercom cable in the sidecar. Nora also got a stick-on compass, and thermometer for 'her' dashboard. An automotive battery was installed in the sidecar, behind the seat


Here it is, all together with the windshield and ragtop, ready to roll

Here it is, not done, but ready for a test drive

Rear View

Here I am, ready to go for my first test run 1/20/02

This is a view of just the frame

The sidecar frame mounts. After taking these pictures, I moved the frame 2 inches closer to the bike.

The two rear mounts, and the electric trim adjuster.

Two front mounts. I still have to reinstall the air cleaner housing.

If you look under the exhaust, you can see the sub frame I made for the rear mount.

For the rear upper mount, I had to remove the frame bracket for the rear shock air hose. The Aluminum trim piece will have to be modified to be reinstalled