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The Venture Sidecar Project

1999 Yamaha Venture and a Motorvation Formula II sidecar

12/26/02 Here it is, all together with the windsheild and ragtop, ready to roll

Here it is, not done, but ready for a test drive

Rear View

Here I am, ready to go for my first test run 1/20/02

This is a view of just the frame

The sidecar frame mounts. After taking these pictures, I moved the frame 2 inches closer to the bike.

The two rear mounts, and the electric trim adjuster.

Two front mounts. I still have to reinstall the air cleaner housing.

If you look under the exhaust, you can see the sub frame I made for the rear mount.

For the rear upper mount, I had to remove the frame bracket for the rear shock air hose. The Aluminum trim piece will have to be modified to be reinstalled