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Motorcycle Travels 2002

6/23/02 Now that it's summer, the sidecar is getting lots of use now. Nora can sleep, and I can just DRIVE. We'll be taking more pictures of anything or anywhere, whatever looks like fun.

Fallasburg Covered Bridge Whites Covered Bridge

a visit to the local castle


Caro Frankenmuth

It was like a summer day. We rode for about 6 hours or so, covered 300 miles riding up in the "thumb" area. We visited Santa Clause in Frankenmuth, and an old steam engine in Caro, and drove all over the place.

Ride to eat Chesaning (Subway Diet) St Johns, Jade Garden (making up for the subway diet)

Nora wanted her picture here, so here it is. Sorry I cut your head off with the mirror (unintentional?). This was our first "long" trip. It was a nice day, very unusual, considering we're in Michigan. We rode for about 3 or 4 hours. Eddie was just fine, Nora was ccccold. Ride was awesome!!

This is at the Montcalm Community College Heritige Village. They have a steam engine, caboose, railroad depot, and a lot of other old buildings preserved. It's open sometime in August.

Here are some "ride to eat" photos. Jimmies is a great place to eat. If you like roast beef or pork, this is the place to go. KFC is a, well you know, you've been there too, what can I say.