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Motorcycling 2001

An early spring road trip, we stopped along a bridge to take a break.

click to enlarge click to enlarge Rest stop in Clare, Mi. one of those weekend ride-all-day trips.

click to enlarge click to enlarge Rest stop at scenic overlook on M22. For vacation this year, we rode M22 up to Northport,

then back around to Traverse City, and then to Cross Village, through the "tunnel of trees". Covered over 700 miles in four days. It sure was hot.

Stopped at the Sleeping Bear Dunes scenic lookout to take a nap. It was 95 degrees that day.

Downtown Alanson, Mi, famous for a small swing bridge. Stopped to check out the old R.R. depot

A late fall ride. This is the Fallasburg Covered Bridge and park.It was a really nice, fall day, however the park was pretty much empty.

This is a Harley sidecar rig with two women that went by, waved and smiled.

A cold weather trip to Carson City. Someone froze her buns off!